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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

gurgle, gurgle, glug ... we're drowning!!!!

Hello from once-sunny Calgary. It is pouring again, which is not good as we've not recovered from the last two floods we had and there is now talk of more flooding. Still, we soldier on. Sam and I are going for our long walk come hell or high water (for once that expression actually means something).

Went to a new yoga studio yesterday. They practice the Ashtanga yoga, which is the flowing yoga, linking asanas, or postures, in a fluid way, for continuous movement. I like the other yoga much better, but this will be good for a workout and I think also for weight loss.

The mosquitos are the size of mutant bats. One came in the house with me; I think it was sitting on either Sam or me. I missed it the first time I tried to swat it, but got it later on. Man, they are HUGE. Scary monsters with big teeth and ... and... Well, you get the idea.

Back with more later.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I had a Fight with a Van and I won

Last week, the day after Sam ran off and nearly got himself killed running across a 4-lane feeder road, the two of us nearly got hit by a van in a crosswalk. We were crossing on a green pedestrian light (I maybe should add it was the SAME feeder road) and we were nearing half-way across when a woman in a blue Ford Aerostar turning left came straight toward me. I stopped in shock and surprise, but I don't think she ever fully stopped. I jumped back a bit, I think, then, as she still didn't seem content to let me have the right-of-way, I leapt forward, yanked my dog out of the path of her van, and as soon as we'd cleared the front of her van, she roared off.

But I got the license plate number.

I was so furious. When I got to the other side of the street, I phoned my husband (had my cell phone on me) and just started bawling. I was angrier than I'd been in years; even now, recalling it, I can feel my whole body tense up. What made me so furious was that she didn't even look at me. Her face was no more than about two feet from mine as she went by me, and she didn't even turn to look at me. No, "Ohmygosh, I'm so sorry, I almost hit you. Are you ok?" Anything along those lines and I might have been prepared to let it go; but this was too much. As you all know I've had it up past my eyeballs with rudeness, inconsiderate behavior, thoughtlessness, and so I was determined that she should pay for this behavior.

When I got home I reported her. A nice young police officer came to my door, took my statement, and the $560 ticket was issued to her. The cop phoned me after he issued the ticket and told me that she didn't deny it. Said she'd got scared and didn't know what to do and that's why she drove off. Well, okay. I'm glad she didn't try to deny it. I think I would have been apoplectic. Plus, this means I won't have to go to court. The cop told me that it was very likely the judge wouldn't believe her anyway; that instead he'd believe me. Still, I'm relieved beyond words that I won't be subopoenaed. Obviously, if she admitted to the cop that she did it, she can hardly go to court now and contest it.

I felt vindicated and the anger dissipated alot. I'm a lot warier now as I cross any street, even little side streets.

My very busy time is done and hence this post. More to follow soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

How to Justify Anything, or Life on the Sunny Side of the Street

My silly dog, who is, honestly, normally very, very good, today took off after a coyote, and straight across a busy feeder road very near our home. Of course I freaked out. Haven't run that fast in years. We have a huge empty field at the end of our street, and on the other side of the road is a huge provincial park. He saw that coyote and he was gone. I knew exactly where the coyote was headed and so I ran like I've never run before and all I could do was pray that he wouldn't get hit by a car or get lured into a fight with a pack of coyotes. Luckily, neither happened and he is just fine. Once I got to the other side, he and the coyote were actually playing, which I thought was kind of funny, once the searing pain in my lungs had abated somewhat, and he actually came to me straight away, though he looked over his shoulder at the coyote once or twice as he came to me.

Whew. So I got home, shook a bit, phoned my hubby, said, guess what happened? And then K came for her lesson. Aside from having Mr. P here, I couldn't have wished for anyone better to be with me just then. It was scary. So anyway, K informed me that her mother, when she picked her up, would be bringing one of these very decadent Subway-like cookies. Well, I'm on a diet, so I received this news with mixed feelings. Then K said, of course she might forget to bring you the cookie ... Which I thought would be okay because I'm on the diet, But then we decided that it goes something like this: it's all good because if,
  1. K's mom forgets the cookie then I don't blow my diet and;
  2. If she remembers it, then I get to have a cookie!
See? It's easy if you just try. You'll be able to make good just about anything. And as for my dog, yeah, well, he won't be going off-leash within two miles of a road ever again. A lesson well learned if I learn it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

And the Downside of Rain

Fish Creek Park, my favourite haunt, is closed due to flooding. I went down there on Thursday morning (before the close issue) and couldn't believe my eyes. I'd packed the camera and wanted to go down by the river. (I'm sensible, cautious, and revere life and limb so I would not have been one of these people they'd ended up having to rescue.) I couldn't get near the river (that's the Bow River for those of you who don't live around here). Everything was flooded. Rivers flowed across pathways, roads were flooded out, picnic areas were small lakes, meadows were ponds, old, dried-up creek beds were raging, bulging creeks. I could hardly believe it. RCMP mounted police (actually ON horseback) were in the park making sure people weren't getting themselves into trouble. I tried four different routes I knew of down to the river. No dice. Everything flooded out. Harumph. One of those situations where you go, oh well, either I won't be able to do it, or I'll have to come back with my gum boots.

Though the heavy rain has stopped, it rained some more overnight and this morning. I don't mind the rain. I suppose those who are in flood plains will file their insurance claims and life will move on.

It is now Monday morning (the above written Sunday) and we have since had more heavy rain flooding communities just a mile or two to the west of us. We saw heavy rain yesterday, but nothing compared to what just missed us. Basements flooded, roads impassible. Okay, that’s really enough now. A change in the weather would be welcome. And, to top it all off, (not that this is a surprise in any way), they are predicting a banner year for mosquitos in Calgary. Terrific. Mosquitos and I don’t get along. Just one bite and I welt up and cannot sleep because the itch is madenning. I am allergic, I suppose. I can be in a room with 50 people and one mosquito, and dollars-to-donuts that mosquito will be sitting on my shoulder.

We had a good weekend but I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights and I’m not sure what to attribute it to. The rain? The humidity? The fact that I think I am fighting a virus? My diet? (which is sensible, reasonable and very healthy)? Over-fatigue from all the walking I’ve been doing? I really don’t know. It is possible that the long-ish naps I took both Saturday and Sunday didn’t help, but that doesn’t explain my bad evening on Friday night.

But, speaking of the weather, I am oh-so-happy not to be living in the Great Lakes region. That humidity out there would wilt me before I even had breakfast. I really don’t think I could live there.

Tomorrow or the next day I plan to respond to B2’s tag. I have been so busy and so overwhelmed (perhaps another reason for the sleeplessness) that I haven’t even had time for ordinary blogging, though plenty has come to mind that I want to share. It will all have to wait until the kids are done with their exams.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Upside of Rain

... is that there's nobody else out walking their dogs. I had the entire Weaselhead natural area to myself today. It's a lovely walk, though I was soaked through to my skin by the time I got back to my truck.

This just to let you all know I'm still alive, and still intend to get to B2's tag. Things are absolutely nuts right now with the kids as their exams are coming up, but at the end of next week, my schedule will be half as busy as it is now. I can't wait & I promise more news soon.