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Friday, August 12, 2005

What a weird day

Today we went to Ikea again. I bought a wrong sheet so had to return it, and I wanted a new bookcase. We got everything we wanted so that was good. We had two more stops planned afterwards, and got neither of them done. Instead of taking 15 minutes or so to get home, it probably took about 40 minutes. Our main route home was closed completely, probably due to a traffic fatality, and then there was more out-of-the-ordinary weirdness the whole afternoon, too. Hubby and I were nattering at each other (slightly) while we were stuck in traffic due to ... nothing at all. Sheesh. Makes the whole "living in the present moment" thing a challenge, let me tell you.

Met with the doctor yesterday whom I edit for. It went extremely well, but I am now in the throes of editing a book-in-progress which is about modernism, post-modernism, epistemology, critical realism and other philosophical intrigues, and to own the truth, I feel a bit out of my depth, though not horribly so. Luckily, the doctor is also a good friend and very kind, so he's patient with my misunderstandings.

Time for dinner ...


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Chandira said...

:-) Ikea will do that to you. lol

It's been mercury retrograde for the last 3 weeks. Should be better in a few days.

Yeah, summer's looking brown and dry here too, and almost autumnal. I don't like it. Blah. Eternal May would be my first coice.. Eternal flowers and increasing daylight and increasing optimism in what is to come. I don't do well in winter..


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